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National Kithul Development Programme

The programme is implemented with the aim of uplifting the Kithul Product Industry in the country as a commercially profitable one. The objectives of the programme are to increase contribution to GDP while creating self employment opportunities and income generation in rural areas.

A new project proposal was developed and funding was secured for national kithul development program under which tappers training, safety kits for kithul tappers, registration of kithul producers, social security arrangements to enhance the welfare of the kithul producers, introduction of kasper technology for increasing the sap yield and quality control facilitation were undertaken. Based on the advice given by Food Security and Cost of Living Sub Committee, this programme is being expanded and accelerated.

Findings of the survey conducted by the Ministry in collaboration with the Department of Census and Statistics on kithul industry were useful for the policy makers to take evidence based decisions. Therefore, in order to enhance the social acceptance for kithul industrialists, special programme for registration of the kithul tappers and issuing of identity cards for them has been implemented in 2011. Furthermore, paying special attention on kithul tappers and considering the risk of their occupation and trade, initial steps have been taken to establish Social Security System and Pension Scheme with the assistance of Social Security Board. In addition to that Safety Kits including a jacket, a safety belt and a helmet are to be provided only for registered tappers during the year 2011 for encouraging kithul industrialists.


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Kithul Trickle and Jaggery Exports Data





Quantity ( Kg)

Income (Rs in Mn)

Quantity ( Kg)

Income (Rs in Mn)

Quantity (Kg)     
Income (Rs in Mn)






74,396 29.45






141,501 39.75





215,897 69.2


statistics on Kithul Palms in Sri Lanka(2009)

More Details:

National Kithul Development Programme - Action Plan 2014

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